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Everyone is welcome at Tully Elementary Magnet School

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Tully Elementary will provide a safe environment that fosters academic achievement and promotes individual talents by delivering project-based, rigorous curriculum that is founded in gifted and talented instructional strategies.


We believe that all students are uniquely gifted, and Tully strives to inspire a passion for life-long learning that is nurtured through a whole-child approach. We encourage students to celebrate who they are as individuals, while embracing their role in a global society.

  The Tully GATE Magnet program will be a modified GATE Self-Contained Model. The self-contained model will afford Gifted and Talented pedagogy, by GATE endorsed teachers, through Gifted & Talented instruction and strategies for ALL students in self-contained classrooms.

The Magnet program focus provides that all students receive the same instruction and strategies, full time, in a self-contained classroom environment.  Onsite Itinerant GATE teachers will co-teach in every classroom on a weekly basis. Teachers will work directly with a master GATE educator and have a positive instructional model.

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